2012 JICA Training of "Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Eruption"

We open the 2012 JICA Training in September 2012, to Februry 2013. 

The candidates of the training course are the followings.  

  • Mr. Gino Steven Gonzalez llama, Costa Rica
    Volcanic Surveillance /National Seismological Network RSN
  • Ms. Aye Thanda Lwin, Myanmar
    senior observer
    Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Ministry of Transport
  • Mr. Lawrence David Arteza, Philippines
    Science research assistant
    Seismological observation and earthquake prediction division
    Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS)
  • Mr. Joachim Msisi Phillipo, Tanzania
    Forecasting Division /Tanzania Meteorological Agency
  • Mr. John Vianney Lutaaya, Uganda
    Staff surveyor
    Surveys and mapping Division /Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
  • Mr. Handi Sulistyo Widodo, Indonesia
    Development of the earthquake and tsunami operation Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Agency (BMKG)


JICA participants (first row to the right, Gino, Thanda, Phillipo, Lutaaya, Handi, and Lawrence)

"The Fire of Rice Sheaves"

JICA participants and foreign visitors of Nagoya University are translating "The Fire of Rice Sheaves" to their national/local languages.    Japanes


Lectures (incomplete)

  • Applied Seismology by Prof. S. Suzuki ( Tono Geoscience Center)
  • Seismicity of Taiwan by Dr. Ando ( Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica)
  • Volcano Physics in Japan by Prof. Yokoyama
  • Fault Activity in Japan by Prpf. Nakata
  • Tsunami Modeling and Simulation Techniques by Prof. M. Nakamura (Ryukyu University)
  • Applied Volcanology and Volcanic eruption observation and forecast techniques by Prof. N. Fujii (Shizuoka University)
  • Tsunami Magnitude, Catalog and Recent Tsuami Modeling Techniques by Prof. Y. Tanioka (Hokkaido University)
  • Tsunami Modeling and Simulation of Vietnam by Mr. N.A. Duong (Vietnam Institute of Geophysics, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology)
  •  Win software by Dr. Yamazaki (Nagoya University)
  • Analysis of Seismicity with Seis PC by Prof. Y. Ishikawa (JMA)
  • Teleseismic Body Wave Inversion Program by Kikuchi and Kanamori: Determination of a gross fault mechanisms for a single subevent with a long source duration by Prof.Yamanaka & Mr. Yoshimoto (Nagoya University)
  • Detection of ground deformation by sapace technology of Sar & Insar by Dr. Miyagi (JAXA)
  • Practice of precise leveling by Dr. Murase (Nihon Univ) and Dr. Mori (Hokkaido Univ)