2006 JICA Training Course

Left rear to right ahead: Nazri, Nelson, Sam, Nacho, Nolan, Kimata, and Thuy at Neodani Midori Fault


  • Mr. Juan Ignacio CHAVES SALAS, Costa Rica
    National Emergency Commission
  • Mr. Nelson VASQUEZ, Ecuador
    National Directorate of Civil Defense of Ecuador
  • Mr. Muhammad Nazri Noordin, Malaysia
    Malaysian Meteorological Department
  • Mr. Renagi SAM, Papua New Guinea
    University of Technology Papua New Guinea
  • Mr. Nolan C. EVANGELISTA, Philippine
    Bohol Observatory, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
  • Mr. Ba Thuy Nguyen, Vietnam
    Marine Hydrometeorological Center, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Tsunami and seismic activity reports of participant countries

Costa Rica Tsunami (report), Seismic activity (report)
Ecuador Tsunami, Seismic activity, Active fault
Malaysia Seismic activity
Papua N G. Tsunami and Seismic activity
Philippine Tsunami
Vietnam   no report
With Prof. Yokoyama in Nagoya Univ.
With Prof. Yokoyama in Nagoya Univ.

Action Plans